All vehicles listed on the site have the owner’s contact information listed on the ad. The contact information can also be found on the social media posts as well. If you have any questions on how to get the transaction done or would like to run something by us to check if it’s secure, Contact Us and we will help out!

If the seller has not responded to any of your emails, texts or answered and your calls, please Contact Us and we will reach out to the owner immediately. If the seller still does not comply, the ad will be removed.

As with any large purchase, you should always have questions. We try our best to be as transparent as possible with each and every vehicle we list, if there’s a specific question you need an answer, please feel free to Contact Us.

Unfortunately we do not assist with shipping at this time. Shipping is something that would have to be discussed with the seller. A majority of the time, buyers will pay and plan for a shipping company to go pickup the car.

We do not offer financing at this time for any vehicles listed on the site, however if you’re looking to finance a vehicle and have any questions, reach out to us and we can provide some recommendations.


We only charge $99 to list a vehicle, however we do offer a Premium Package that places a heavy emphasis on maximizing exposure and transparency for $149. If you’re interested in having your vehicle listed for sale on the Street Car Market, Submit your vehicle and we will get back to you shortly!

If you chose the Standard Package, your ad will be live for (30) days. If you chose the Premium Package, your ad will be listed until sold.

Definitely, just let us know what you would like for us to change and we can get it done ASAP!

Once we gather all of the information we need about your vehicle, your vehicle will go live within 48 hours. Once the ad is live, we will immediately email you with the link to the ad.

The Street Car Market is primarily aimed towards cars with a lot of performance modifications. There may be some instances where we list lightly modified cars, however those cars are typically performance cars from the factory (5.0’s, CTS-V’s, GT500’s, etc.).

If you’re looking to list your street car with us, please submit your vehicle and we will get in touch shortly!

We do list trucks and SUV’s only if they’re performance related.

Unfortunately we do not assist any sellers with selling individual parts at this time.

We utilize Stripe on the Street Car Market, the platform is both secure and encrypted. Stripe accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.